Preity Zinta Blue Movie Hot Pics

Preity Zinta was cocaine intoxication in a TV interview with Zee TV television man for a decade or so. This asserts that a man claims that he sold drugs to actress in the past.  

The case of a TV interview that Preity Zinta did with TV to mark the film Girl Interrupted; the star took a leading role. A man named Franklin Meyer claims to have sold drugs Preity Zinta on the said time. He insists that Jolie has been in cocaine intoxication in the said television.  

Preity Zinta had taken part in Bollywood blue movie which break previous records of Bollywood celebrities’ scandals, is used by Meyer to medium online radar. She went to the interview and then she came back to me.   Various indicators of questionable past Jolie has emerged. As compressor announced this summer was the photographs of her in heroin intoxication leak in the American magazine Star.  For those interested in watching a TV interview in question can watch it below.

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