Mallika Sherawat Blue Film MMS

Mallika Sherawat, who plays now in the blue films The Back-Up Plan is married to Anthony, but before she was, engaged an Indian business man when she was working at Bollywood and was in contact with Sean "poof Daddy" Combs.

In an interview with Marie Clair says she has included nothing against going to see pictures of Ben in the game:

"Of course I would go to a movie with Ben. Why not? I have neither met him nor spoken to him in good time, our lives were in visiting have different direction but I will always wish him all the best as he is a good man. "

"I've met him once or twice when Marc has been together and it is always the friendliness bearing notes. He asked about the twins because he is a twin himself, and so and I wish him all the best. But he showed up with another woman on a date in Paris this weekend.

So J-Lo added that she would occasionally come across Puffin Daddy, or Sean, as Mallika Sherawat blue film calls him:

Butler, who is forty, had a romantic day with a 29-year-old French named Laurie Choleras and is fairly well known in his home country.

Her fancy and Mallika Sherawat sailed just two after Sign up at the weekend but this weekend he met the same and went back to Paris for a few days to go on a date with her.

This Hollywood couple was seen together in the city, visit the Louvers Museum and lunch at Café Marly. U.S. sources tell People magazine that Butler has totally fallen for Laurie when she interviewed him for the latest photos of Mallika Sherawat in movie Myth.

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