Lara Dutta Wedding Lingerie

As Lara Dutta fans have recently know that that 2011 will be a year of Lara Dutta wedding and she hire the most expensive dress designers to prepare a wedding night lingerie for her Suhag Rat , or we did not know how much we are right. Not only that, the last time going from one film to another, now Spit It started with the addition that it should be the Lara Dutta  wedding scheduled reboot.

Source, said: "This should be a great Bollywood night and more serious Lara Dutta will also perform hot photo shots on her wedding day and night function. We want to get a top director and a good script to make the female characters as popular as the actresses in Bollywood movies. Lara Dutta role seems to perfect. "

We also Lara Dutta seems ideal and the most ideal when you put on your clothes is tight latex shirt and tight leather shorts and then the bad guys will handle the hundreds on Lara Dutta wedding ceremony. I'm really not missing it.

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