Rakhi Sawant Blue Film Scandal

Bollywood item dancer and comedy queen Rakhi Sawant, initially refused to break with her boyfriend make any comment. But when the breakdown of their relationship became a public issue, the decision changed an exclusive statement. Rakhi Sawant blue film video clips claim that they are living apart for several months.   Because I am a friend of Rakhi Sawant and more than half of her household do not share a common, unnecessary affair. We have all our lives, 

I do not have any new relationship, and we do not. This is true regardless of how we present the media and how they sometimes present us, “Rakhi Sawant Blue Film Scandal said that the track is well-known Slovak singer spoke for the first time. 

The whole matter is regarded as a purely private matter. Not photojournalists in the field and photographed him with his new girlfriend, according to which Rakhi Sawant MMS clips dating for four months, everything would be resolved quietly.” I’m sorry that the truth came out that way, but I repeat: This is my life, my freedom.

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