Hot Sania Mirza Blue Film Scandal

Sania Mirza is the most popular and most famous celebrity star of tennis world. Sania Mirza became the heartbeat of India in last few years due to her success. People of the country love her because she made India proud. But she has also disappointed her well-wishers by deciding to go to Pakistan to marry," said Mufti Samuel, a protester.

Sania Mirza Twitter updates are not regularly updates due to her involvement in various social and personal life scandal that are no hand over to Indian an Pakistani press and electronic media. According to Indian press media Sania and Shoaib wedding may be occured in the mid or at the end of April 2010. They don’t fix they wedding date yet but it is confirmed that they will get married in the month of April because she successfully got the Pakistani visa for her parents too.

If you are Sania Mirza fan then you don’t need to worry at all about this fake news scandal, because investing resources also clear Sania Mirza is not more involved in any scandal or fake news. Her marriage ceremony will definitely happen in India or Pakistan.

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